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Though provision of a complete Fire Protection System looks to be as easy providing a Pipeline with additional accessories necessary and easy for fire extinguishing this by itself is a craft requiring information like on area to be covered, type of System (Ring Main, a fully surrounding or specially for one chosen area / spot), required quantum of extinguisher required depending on the kind of flammable products handled, the medium of protectors / extinguishers like Water to different Foams and Powders, the type of extinguishers (Sprinkler Systems of High & Medium Velocity Spray Systems, Deluge Valves, Water Monitors – common and special (long range & voluminous) types, quantum of extinguisher to be kept / reserved, fire hydrant systems, and Pipelines laid underground with Hume Pipes / Cement Coated or Lined Pipes / Pipes with Coating & Wrapping with Bitumen Tapes are only some of the constituents / features of these Fire Protection Systems.

Then there are Smoke Sensors, Fire Alarms, Automated Systems to actuate the Fire Protection Systems at situations as prescribed in PLC; and ROBOTS to act in a hot atmosphere like in a Painting Booth DURR and many more hyundai

GULFCONS among many other works execution had an opportunity to provide a Ring Main Fire Protection System consisting almost all the above kind for the      W I P (nuclear waste immobilization plant) of BARC B A R C at Kalpakkam. The furnished system combines

The Performance Certificate enclosed would allow you to assess the nature of the work and our all-round wide-ranging and all-inclusive work execution.

Another noteworthy Fire Protection System that we have furnished was for BARC Cochin Port Trust wherein the Tower Monitors are furnished at different & specified heights can be rotated all round – Yes! You are right, total 360˚ and that can also be remote controlled for Flow Volume and Length of Spray of Water and differently by Foam.

Assisting during the commissioning of the Project as well undertaking the actuating Electrical Instruments VFD / SOFT STARTER / Instrumentation / Automation (PLC) Panel Boards utilizing the services of licensed Electrical Contractors has always been a part of the total works undertaken by us.


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