Fabrication and Supply of Main & Intermediary Equipment’s Including Designing a Variety of Pressure Vessels, Shell & Tube Heat Exchange’s, Accessories, and Pressure Parts

We have started as a humble subcontractor as already informed elsewhere here, chosen more because of our merits, by eminent Principal Construction Companies way back from 1974

We have been then asked to undertake certain Post Commissioning Works after the completion of the planned project works by Clients to whom we have indirectly served as a subcontractor of the Principal Contractor. Several of our esteemed Clients have also wanted us to be their regular Mechanical Maintenance Works Contractor.

We believe it is necessary to inform in brief to you about our beginnings as these have been our part of evolution / growth. This could only be possible because of our “ways and methods of carrying-out / executing an entrusted work conscientiously pursuing Good Engineering Practices in Fabrication & Welding, and definitely because of our disciplined SITE CONDUCT”.

These basic self beliefs and ensuing actions have made our Clients’ Engineers preferring us to be entrusted with the Fabrication of a variety of Main and Intermediary Processing Equipments and accessories with the responsibility of Design portion vested with them; further they guided us during the Fabrication of a range of basic Pressure Vessels / Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

I C I, Kothari Petrochemicals , Cetex Petrochemicals Indian Organic Chemicals who was later renamed as Futura Polyesters, Thirumalai Chemicals, E I D Parry  , Indian Additives , are some of those Clients.

INDIAN ADDITIVES has accredited us as the chief Maintenance Mechanical Contractor since 1992 and continuing.

We have continuously served many others with certain instances for more than a quarter of a century but later after a very long time lost on competition to new entrants, some of whom incidentally have been our former employees for very long.

Our first experience with Pressure Vessels has been of removing / replacing the MS Jacket covering the sides and bottom of the Glass-Lined Reactors utilized at  for manufacturing Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs; a serious work that might result in discarding the whole Glass-lined Reactor as waste if the existing jacket not properly removed / fresh fabricated and welded.

We have then rolled Pipes conforming to IS 3589 in small lengths of large sizes above Ø300 mm frequently for replacement / substitution; more of SS 304 & SS 316 also learning to handle the Stainless Steel with Engineering / Technical / Professional respect; keeping them covered, under roof, handling with Gloves utilizing them for handling Stainless Steel only, covering the MS Rollers of Plate Bending Machine, using Nylon Slings to lift and many more.

Then after a good work experience in handling Stainless Steel there was this opportunity to fabricate a Mixer / Blender with Agitator and with Dished Ends – in SS 316 MOC. We were again well guided to procure Geared Motors and Mechanical Seals

We also wish to recount here about our first run into nevertheless by an option with Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. We have been asked to clean the Glass Tube Bundles along with its Shell – made by CORNING  in Indian Explosives Limited (Pharmaceuticals & Crop Protection Chemicals – now PIRAMAL and ASTRA ZENECA) after carefully dismantling them with the special tools provided to us and all as per the Engineer’s (of the Client and from the Manufacturer of Glass Tubes – CORNING) directions & guidance and refitting them later.

We have then purged these endless tubes and Shell with given Solvents, then Water and finally Steam Purging for a good time. Those Engineers have been heartily pleased as if we have fabricated a new Glass Tube Heat Exchanger. We have had 4 nos. bi-annually for dismantling, cleaning and refitting. This we have been carrying out till 2002. Incidentally, it was we who actually installed in position all these imported Glass Tube Heat Exchangers way back in 1976.

We during this same time have also replaced some leaking / worn out tubes of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers at Petrochemical Plants. These have been actually planned shut-down works for carrying out the replacement speedily without holding back the production plans.

Cetex Petrochemicals Limited whose total plant has been equipped by us furnishing the entire Process & Utility Pipelines including installation of certain accessories and equipments during 1988 – 1989, and who have been utilizing our Mechanical Maintenance and various Retrofitting Services regularly, accepted our offer for fully refurbishing the Tubes, Tube Sheets and Gaskets of a Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger. We have this way have refurbished a number of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers of different dimensions. We have also undertaken to dismantle and reinstall these Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers from different elevations.

We after gaining good experience in Pipe Bending have also been quoting for tendered works. We have thus quoted for a tendered work of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (ISRO), Thiruvananthapuram for fabricating spiral coils from SS 304 L and SS 316 L Pipes of 4”, 3” and 2 ½” as in the photographs printed below and installing them in a Compressor of High Pressure Dry Air Plant. The certificate from the customer printed below would inform you better about the work.

The opportunity arrived with a fresh order for Fabricating a new Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger first from CETEX PETROCHEMICALS consisting of 526 Tubes of SA 179 Tubes, Ø 1” X 6 M long. We have then outsourced only the Design responsibility with a retired Design Engineer of Engineers India Limited. Cetex Petrochemicals from then on entrusted all the works related to either refurbishing or fabricating a new Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with us.

We have provided this information to several other clients requesting them to utilize our experience and services entrusting these refurbishing works of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. A hand full of clients utilized our services with some of them also placing orders for new Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

The single largest re-tubing job has been replacing 5321 Tubes of SA 179 Tubes, Ø1¼” X 3.25 M long of a Phthalic Anhydride Tubular Reactor (originally manufactured by DWE, Germany) at Thirumalai Chemicals Limited,  Ranipet. This we have completed in 67 days. The works included forming the Top and Bottom Tube Sheets first removing the extra weldments / welded metal on the surface of the Tube-sheets by grinding and squaring / making even the external surface of the Tube Sheets and full welding of the 5321 Tubes on both at the Top and Bottom ends, in its vertical position.

THIRUMALAI CHEMICALS, INDIAN ADDITIVES, MANALI PETROCHEMICALS and BIRLA CARBON  have been utilizing our services towards refurbishment / re-tubing works continuously among many other works; the first two named clients continually for more than a quarter of a century. We have been entrusted with other similar re-tubing works and new fabrication of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers / Reactors of different types by our esteemed clients.

We have also fixed Titanium Tubes Ø 3½” X 3.5 M long, 40 in each of 4 nos. Coolers of the Carbonation Towers for Saurashtra Chemicals Limited, Porbandar (now a member of the popular NIRMA Group) with ends sealed with Oil Seals, which is a regular maintenance work as and when necessary.

Though it is long back, we have secured a tendered work, for Designing, Fabrication and Supply of a Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger – Primary & Secondary Ejector Condensers for the INDIANOIL REFINERY at Mathura during 2004 – 2005.

We are continuously executing works of Re-Tubing (even now in August 2017 from 2015) of different sizes for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers at Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, another INDIANOIL owned Refinery. We wish to put forward the fact that we have lost some serious works tendered which were related to the above, only due to competition.