Description of Work : Fabrication and Supply of Tanks

Description of Work : Supply, Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel Work at Krishnapatnam



1Fabrication and Erection
Works for pipe racks, Loading and unloading bay, MEE Structure, Air Compressor Shed, Fire Hydrant Shed, Acid Oil Plant shed, etc. for setting up the Oil Refinery of ANA Oleo Private Limited
ANA Oleo Private Limited
CIN U15400TG2021PTC147683
First Floor, Centre for Organization Development
1-98/90/25, P.O. Cyberabad, Madhapur,
Hyderabad – 500081, Telangana
2Conversion Of Efr Tanks Tk-03, Tk-09, Tk-10 To Cr, Pipeline Job For Atf Tank Wagon Loading, Tank Lorry Filling, Construction Of 100 Kl Ug Tank For Atf At Irugur Top InstallationBharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Central Procurement Org. (Mktg.), A-Installation, Sewree-Fort Road, Sewree (East), Mumbai 400015
3Rate Contract for Carrying out Repair Works of Cone Roof Tanks of Diameter less than 15 mtrs at CPCL - Manali Refinery -ARC 5Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited Manali, Chennai - 600 068

Mr.S.Kamaraj DGM(Maint - Offsite)
4Provision of Fire Water Spray System for Tank Wagon Gantry at Solapur Terminal under Maharashtra State OfficeIndian Oil Corporation Ltd.
Indian Oil Bhavan, Plot No. C-33, “G” Block
BKC, Bandra (East), Mumbai,
Maharashtra -400051
5Construction of 2 nos. Of New Pharma Grade Hexane Storage Tanks (20-D-423 & 20-D-424) at Manali Refinery of CPCLChennai Petroleum Corporation Limited Manali, Chennai - 600 068

Mr. K.Sambasivam DGM(Contracts)
7Construction Of Tankage, Pipelines & Other Associated Works At Aviation Fuel Farm, Mopa, Goa”Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Central Procurement Org. (Mktg.), A-Installation, Sewree-Fort Road, Sewree (East), Mumbai 400015
8Supply, Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel Work at KrishnapatnamBUNGE INDIA PVT.LTD
The Capital, 601 C & 601 D,
6th Floor, C-70,G-Block
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East)
9Fabrication and Supply of TanksBUNGE INDIA PVT.LTD
Krishnapattanam Plant Pantapalem
village,Muthukur Ma Sri Potti Sriramulu
Andhra Pradesh(37)
10Rate Contract for carrying out repair works of Cone Roof Petroleum Product Storage Tanks of diameter less than 35 mtrs, at CPCL-Manali Refinery- (Groups-A & B)­Group A - ARC 4Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited Manali, Chennai - 600 068

Mr. K.Sambasivam DGM(Contracts)


1Manali Petrochemicals Limited Ponneri High Road, Manali,ChennaiFabrication and Supply of DISTILLATION COLUMN

S.NoName of the ClientDescription
Pipeline Works for Oil & Gas Sector
1Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedPiping and Equipment Erection Works (Product & Fire Fighting) at Ennore Coastal Terminal Project.
2Indian Oil Corporation LimitedSupply Fabrication, Erection, Testing commissioning of Mechanical (piping Vessels & Machinery) and civil works at LPG Bottling plant , Salem Tamilnadu
3Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.Mechanical works at Madurai
4Indian Oil Corporation LimitedSupplying, Fabrication, Erection, Welding, Laying, Painting, Installation, esting And Commissioning Of Pipelines (Both-Side Coated & Bare), Filters, Valves, Fittings & Fixtures, RCC Pedestal, Pump Manifold including Ms Structures, Pumps Installation, Provision of Catwalks/ Cross-Overs, and Other Allied Works For HRS Project at Hindan AFS, Ghaziabad
5Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedProduct Pipeline Works for TWLG at Irugur, Tamilnadu
6Indian Oil Corporation LimitedLaying of Product & FH Pipelines, Fire Pump House Building, Oil Water / Storm Water Drains & Other Miscellaneous Works at Mysore Depot, Karnataka
7Indian Additives LimitedPiping Work for Zinc Manufacturing Plant
8Indian Oil Corporation LimitedRevamping to Existing railway siding, Laying of Product Pipelines, Expansion of Pump House Relocation of Ethanaol Tanks & Misc Supply Of Items at Mysore Depot
Fire Protection System
9Indian Oil Corporation LimitedLPG Pipeline Works, Fire Fighting Works And Allied Mechanical Works for installation of 4th carousel at LPG Bottling Plant, Devanagunthi under Karnataka State Office
10Indian Oil Corporation LimitedRevamping of existing Hydrant system and replacing existing deluge valves with auto reset deluge valves at LPG Bottling Plant, Inamkulathur , Trichy (Tamil Nadu)
11Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedComposite Mechanical Works for Product Piping & Fire Protection Systems Works at Yediyur, Bangalore
12Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedFire Protection System for One Crude Oil Tank (ST-T-14) at Shore Tank Farm (STF) at Puthuvypeen.
13Indian Oil Corporation LtdUpgradation of Fire Water Network from Under Ground to Above Ground & Allied Works at LPG Bottling Plant, Kalyani, West Bengal
14Cochin Port TrustDesign, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Fire Fighting Facilities at Q4 Berth of Cochin Port Trust
15Indian Oil Tanking LtdProcurement,Fabrication, Erection, Testing, Commissioing of Product, Utility and Fire Fighting System, Etc for the LPG Bottling Plant at Manali, Chennai
16Indian Oil Petronas Pvt LtdFire Fighting System for LPG Bottling Plant at Haldia
17Indian Oil Corporation LimitedFire Fighting related works for MB Lal implementation at Kozhikode Depot
High Pressure Steam Piping Under IBR
18MRF LimitedSupply, Erection and commissioning of IBR Piping & Non - IBR Piping Outside Area at Trichy Plant
19Lokmangal Mauli Industries LimitedFabrication, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Piping and Appurtenances for Cogeneration Project at Solapur
20Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars Pvt LtdSupply, Erection & Commissioning of Piping & Appurtenances for Spent Wash Based Incineration Project
21Shri PrabhuLingeshwar Sugars & Chemicals LtdFabrication, Supply & Erection of Piping & Appurtenances for 27 MW Cogen Project at Bagalkot, Karnataka
22Lokmangal Sugar Ethanol & Cogen Indus LtdSupply, Fabrication & Erection of Piping & Appurtenances for 16.5 MW Cogeneration Project at Solapur
23Bannari Amman Sugars LimitedFabrication, Supply, Site Assembly, Erection & Commissioning of Piping & Appurtenances Package at Kunthur Village, Kollegal, Karnataka
24Jamkhandi Sugars LimitedPiping Package for 16.8 MW Cogen Plant at Bagalkot, Bangalore
25GM Sugars and Energy LimitedDesign, Supply, IBR Approval, Fabrication, Erection, Radiography, stress Relieving,Testing, Insulation & Commissioning of HP, MP & LP IBR Pipeline with PRDS and other accessories for 18.0 MW Co - Generation Plant
26Himatsingka LinensPiping & Appurtenance for IBR & NON- IBR at Hassan
27Madras Sugars LimitedPiping Package for 25 MW Cogen Plant at Vengur Village, Tirukovilur
28Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals LimitedPiping Package for 80KLPD Distillery with spent wash concentration and incineration
29Bannari Amman Sugars LimitedPiping & Appurtenance for IBR & NON- IBR at Tiruvannamali
30Apollo Tyres LimitedMechanical Equipment / Piping Supply & Erection Painting works for proposed 8K PCR & 6K TBR tyre facility in Oragadam Industrial Area Sriperumpudur, Tamil Nadu (Phase II)
31Bannari Amman Sugars LimitedPiping Package for 20 MW Turbine replacement at Nanjangud
32Apollo Tyres LimitedSupply, Fabrication and Erection of Piping
33Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars LtdPiping & Appurtenance for IBR & NON- IBR at Perumbalur Dist.
34GMR Industries LimitedPiping and Appurtenances
35EID Parry India LimitedFabrication & Supply of Piping & Appurtenance Package at Sivaganga
36Dharani Sugars & Chemicals LtdPiping & Appurtenance for IBR & NON- IBR at Villupuram Dist.
37Chettinad Cement Corporation LimitedPiping and Appurtenances at Puliyur & Ariyalur
Composite Works (Civil, Steel Structural & Mechanical )for Oil & Gas Sector
38KSS Petron Pvt. LtdFabrication and Erection of Carbon Steel Non IBR Pipe -Above Ground, Under Ground and Fabricated Steel Structures Work at your M Is. KSS Petron Pvt. Ltd., Indian Oil LNG Pvt. Ltd., Ennore Port, Chennai
39Balmer Lawrie LimitedLaying of Product/Fire Hydrant Pipeline, Construction of Pump House, TLF Shed, Fire Pump House, Claibration Tower & Structural, Fire Hydrant System Pumps Installation, Catwalks & Miscellaneous Supply of Items
40Indian Oil Corporation LimitedRevamping of Existing Railway Siding, Laying of Product Pipelines, Construction of Pump House, Modification of Product Tanks, MS Structural Works, Pumps Installation, Catwalks & Miscellaneous Supply Items at Bijapur Depot Karnataka
41Indian Oil Corporation LimitedConstruction of Exchange Pit for Hooking up of Chennai ? Bangalore Pipeline, Expansion of Tank Wagon Pump House & Manifold, Re routing of Pipelines, Associated Civil Works & Miscellaneous Supply of Items at Devangonthi Terminal, Bangalore
42Indian Oil Corporation LimitedLaying of New Product Pipelines Inside Depot & Railway Siding, Extension of TWD/TLF Pump House, TLF Shed Extension (2 Bays), Modification to FH Lines, MS Structural Works, Pumps Installation, Catwalks & Miscellaneous Supply of Items at Hubli
43Indian Oil Corporation LimitedLaying of Tank Wagon Decantation Header Pipelines, Modification of pump House Manifold,Installation of Pumps, MS Structural Catwalks & Miscellaneous Supply of Items at Devanagonthi Terminal
Cross Country Pipeline
44Bharat petroleum Corporation LimitedLaying of 150mm dia Cross Country Pipeline Connection from HPCL MLIF Plant with BPCL Bottling Plant at Mangalore
Construction of Storage Tanks (including Composite Works) for Oil & Gas Sector
45Chennai Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of New MS Tank (20-D-626) at CPCL Manali
46Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedTankage & Repair Works for Tank No : T01, T02, T03, T05, T06, T12, T13, T14 & T15 at Cherlapalli Installation
47Indian Oil Corporation LimitedSand Pad Foundation, Fabrication, Erection, Welding, Testing, Painting & Commissioning of MS Vertical Fixed Roof Tank for Fire Water, External Re-painting for 2 nos existing water tank, extension of fire pump house building, rerouting / laying of FH piping, installation of HVLR/Fire engines etc & other connected works at Devangonthi terminal, Bangalore, Karnataka
48Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedRepair & Mechanical Works for Tank T3 & T8 at Irimpanam Installation
49Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedMS Water Tanks (19M Dia x 17 M Ht - 2 Nos) at LPG Bottling Plant, Chakan, Pune
50Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedMechanical Works for Tank No : 6 & 21 at Devangonthi Installation
51Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedWater Tank at Meerut,(Dia.17.0 Mtr x 15.0Mtr- 2 Nos)
52Indian Oil Corporation LimitedM & I Repair Works and Providing Sprinkler & Foam Pourer System for CRVT 404 & 405 & Sand Pad Foundation, Fabrication, Erection, Welding, Testing, Painting Commissioning of CRVT for Fire Water, Installation of Fire Pumps & its Pipeline Manifold & other connected Works at Hubli Depot, Karnataka
53Indian Oil Corporation LimitedFabrication of Cone Roof Vertical Tanks for LOBS including Sand Pad Foundation at Tondiarpet
54Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of 1 x 3770 KL Fire Water Tanks at Irugur
55Indian Oil Corporation LimitedProviding Sand Pad Foundation ,Design, Fabrication and Commissioning of CR vertical tank of size 16m dia x 13 m high at LPG bottling plant at Chelari near Calicut
56Indian Oil Corporation LimitedFabrication of Floating Roof Tank and allied piping & Civil works at Coimbatore teriminal
57Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedMechanical Works for Tank Nos. T4, T21,T22, &T31 at Cherlapalli Installation
58Indian Oil Corporation LimitedMechanical Works for Existing Product Storage Tanks & Allied Works at Madurai Terminal
59Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of 1 x 6809 KL Fire Water Tanks at Irimpanam
60Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of Water Tank (20 M Dia x 11.5 M Ht) at Wadala
61Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of 1 x 6000 KL Above Ground Tank at Cherlapalli Depot
62Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of Water Tank 30.5 M Dia x 12 M Ht (Open Roof) - 1 No. at Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh
63Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedMS Above Ground Water Tank (18M Dia x 13.5 M Ht) at LPG Bottling Plant at Mysore
64Indian Oil Corporation LimitedProvision of Sprinklers in Storage Tanks at Wellingdon Island Terminal, Kochi, Kerala
65IOT Infrastructure & Engery Services LimitedTankage Works for 2.4 MW Bio-Gas Power Plant at Namakkal
66Indian Oil Corporation LimitedMechanical Works for Existing Product Storage Tanks & Allied Works at Tondiarpet
67Tide Water Oil Companies (I) LtdSupply & Erection of Materials for Base Oil and Additive Storage Tanks at Oragadam
68Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of Water Tank 24.5 M Dia x 13.5 M Ht (Open Roof) - 1 No. at Ghatkesar, Secunderabad
Main Civil & Steel Structural Works
69Indian Oil Corporation LtdSupply Fabrication and Erection of PEB / Shed including Control Room & Office Composite Structure (Civil, Structural, Electrical and Allied Works) at Lube Blending Plant, Paharpur, Kolkata
70Bannari Amman Sugars LimitedSupply, Erection & Completion of Structural Fabrication & Roof Sheeting Work at Kunthur Village, Kollegal, Karnataka
71Indian Oil Corporation LtdSupply, Fabrication, Erection, Construction of Pre-Engineered Building/Structure with Related Civil Works Augmentation of Filling Shed at Chakan BP (Near Pune)
72Chennai Petroleum Corporation LimitedEnabling Works for Mounded Bullet Project at Manali Refinery of CPCL
73Steel Authority & India LimitedRepair & Painting of Structural Work at SAIL Warehouse, Chennai
74Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LimitedCivil & Structural Work at Hubli LPG Plant
75Chennai Petroleum Corporation LimitedEnabling Works for Construction of Car & Two Wheeler Ports in Manali
76Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedConstruction of Gantry, Pump House, Car Shed, Sealing Platform, etc. at Gooty
77Indian Oil Corporation LimitedCivil Works for Fire Pump House, Control Room, Foundation for Fire Water Pump House, Storm Drain, Road Works etc at Cochin Terminal, Kerala
78Indian Oil Corporation LimitedRaising and Reconstruction of Compound Wall Kozhikode Depot
79Chennai Petroleum Corporation LimitedCivil & Structural Works for New Pipe Rack in Manali Refinery of CPCL Chennai
80Indian Oil Corporation LimitedCivil Works for Construction of Electrical Room, Compressor Shed, Foundationfor Compressor, U/G Water Sump and Road Works for Tondiarpet Terminal, Chennai
81Indian Oil Corporation LimitedSupply, Installation, testing & Commissioning of Fall Arrestor System for TWD Railway Siding at Hubli Depot, Karnataka
Different Works including Shutdown Works carriedout at Chennai Petroleum Corporation
82Chennai Petroleum Corporation LimitedMaintenance Jobs Flare System and Piping Jobs in Culverts during Ref ? III, M & I Shutdown 2015 at CPCL Manali
83Chennai Petroleum Corporation LimitedMechanical Piping - Supply, Fabrication and Erection Works for Space Creation for Future Projects at Manali Refinery of CPCL
1Stahl India Private LimitedFabrication and Supply of SS 316L reactor with limpet and SS 316L Condenser
2Jasmine Concrete Exp.Pvt LtdDistillation Vessel (3KL, 5 KL), Heat Ex-changer, Oil & Water Separator
3Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.,Procurement of Raw material , fabrication ,Inspection, Painting, supply including Transporatation and Ereaction of steel structural work for our TREE -1 Project
4Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.,Fabrication and Supply of BFW Preheater , O-xylene Preheater with Flash Drum for Tree I project, Ranipet, Tamilnadu
5Gulf Oil Lubricants India LimitedSS304 Storage Tanks - 6 Nos.
6Optimistic Organic SDN. BHD.Fabrication and Supply of Heat Echangers and U Tube Bundles for temple II Project, Malaysia
7Indian Additives Ltd.,Fabrication and Supply of 3 Nos 60 KL Storage Tanks
8Optimistic Organic SDN. BHD.Design, Manufacturing and Supply of Storage Tanks Malaysia
9Sterlite Industries (I) LtdFabrication and Supply of Panel, Water Cooled,Goose Neck Panel Assembly
10KSS petron Pvt LtdFabrication and Supply of Demineralized Water Storage Tank, Glycol Storage Tank and Diesel Oil Storage Tank
11Thirumalai Chemicals LimitedDesign, Manufacturing & Supply of SS 316 Tank 4 Nos.Storage Tanks
12Indian Additives Ltd.,Fabrication & Supply of Crude ZDTP Tank, Filter Feed Tank, Filtrate Rundown Tank, Spent Alcohol Tank (Shop Built Tank)
13Manali Petrochemical Ltd.,Fabrication & Supply of Caustic Vent Gas Scrubber with Ladder & Platform for C691 and Seal Drum witj Internal
14Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedFabrication & Supply of 10 KL, 15 KL, 20 KL, 45 KL Under Ground Tank
15Thirumalai Chemicals LimitedFabrication & Supply of Storage Tanks & Columns
16Manali Petrochemical Ltd.,Design, Fabrication & Supply of SS 304 Pre Polymer Surge Drum (V631 & V 632)
17Sterlite Industries (I) LtdFabrication & Supply of Split Half Cover & Inter Connecting Duct
18Sterlite Industries (I) LtdFabrication & Supply of Condenser and Vessel
19SKI Carbon Black (I) Pvt LtdFabrication & Supply of Tube Bundle, Pre Heater Reactor
20Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LtdFabrication & Supply of Pressure Vessels
21Elof Hansson (I) Pvt. LtdFabrication & Supply of Reactor Tanks
22Indian Additives Ltd.Fabrication & Supply of Boiler Duct Spool & 20" Expansion Bellow
23Elof Hansson (I) Pvt. LtdFabrication & Supply of Sulfur Combustion Chamber
24Indian Oil Corporation LtdSupply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 2 Nos Evacuation Vessels at Ilayangudi
25Indian Oil Corporation LtdSupply of Trolley Mounted SS Foam Tanks, 5 KL Cap
26Hi - Tech CarbonFabrication & Supply of Shell, Reactor