Why Choose GulfCons?

I, R. RAJESH KUMAR, the Director (and Chief Executive Officer) of TEAM GULFCONS heartily assure you that the entrusted works to us (both Site Works Execution and Shop Fabrication Works including in-house Designing & detailing) would be well attended and completed; even amidst trying conditions.

TEAM GULFCONS has always been intrinsically motivated from the beginning by our Managing Director, who himself is a true example of that intrinsic intent. The reception and the enquiries about his health that he receives from our esteemed clients even today is a reward of that character and conduct

Sometimes, the time would have been fairly extended on reasons to complete the works and we did stay to complete the works on prices accepted earlier, without any claim for extended time.

I wish to assert that my company shall always act reliably.

It is our humble opinion that you would find us real well capable while reading our “ABOUT US” as a foreword as well from the long list of supporting proofs furnished by us; and trust that you would affirm yourself about our multifarious work experience

Our Commercial Activities principally include quoting tenders (of value INR 2 Crore to INR 25 Crores) of several Public Sector Enterprises. Our success rate is more than 50% and amused at ourselves when coming to know that the loss in tenders has been just by a mere 1 or 2% points. You would understand from the above that we actively practice fair commercial terms.

I wish to humbly present that we might be one of those companies that receive continuous repetitive orders from the Private Enterprises. The Supervising & Quality Control Engineers of our esteemed clients’ prefer us and recommend us to their management.