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Service Capabilities

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The above mentioned area sizes exclude that of Labour Housing and Staff Quarters which are all located nearby

Three ACRES of land already developed with landscape and at present with 25 HP Power connections is now being further developed building a “futuristic works facility” for Fabrication combining with various Machining, Forming, and various Surface Treatment works including licensed NDT Resources An approved building plan is attached

No. of Technicians / Supervisory Staff including Administrative Staff deployed at Sites and Office:

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Implementation of Formal Quality Programs

We diligently follow the Quality Assurance Program, a copy of which is attached, and which has been prepared while working under the supervision of eminent Engineering Consultants. We have come under the works supervision of Japanese too while fabricating an Air Pre-Heater (HITACHI) and have added certain finer points of inspection. For example, another look at or re-radiography of some welded joints.
We are willing to improve available quality programs furnishing any additional documentation too as you might need.

Work Codes:

We are prepared to work under API, ASME and IBR codes in addition to regular and practicing Indian Standards. Though only few times fortunately we have well experienced with working under Nuclear Power Engineering.

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No.128, Jaihind Nagar, Ernavoor, Chennai - 600 057.

Board Number : +91 - (0) 44 - 25734430 , 25734619, 25734140

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