We begin with informing you about ourselves as another longstanding (since 1974) wholesomely involved, willfully client oriented Mechanical Construction & Maintenance Works Contractor, continuously carrying out.

Installation of both Static & Rotary Equipments & Accessories @ Worksite

  • PRESSURE VESSELS / REACTORS and in different nomenclatures
  • DISTILLATION COLUMNS along with Internals
  • Rotary Equipments with true alignments
  • PUMPS (including Massive Flow / Turbine types) and all Gears & Drives
  • Rectification of any damages while in transit, Modification / Additions on equipment

Installation of PACKAGED SYSTEMS as well of other manufacturers like, different Water Treatment Plants, Boiler / Steam Production Units.

Pipe-Works for both Process & Utility – in different materials – Following described works are entirely carried out @ Worksites

  • Pipe-works are generally for all services conforming to ASME, API, British, DIN, and our own INDIAN engineering codes Standards.
  • Pipes of large sizes conforming to IS 3589 / A 672 / API 650 and of various thicknesses, and a range of on-line Accessories / small Equipments / Horizontal Tanks / Silos / Hoppers / Provision of Jackets on Pressure Vessels / Glass-Lined Reactors
  • High Pressure Steam Pipelines – an authorized Contractor under the purview of IBR.
  • Fire Protection Systems – Total Ring Main System with Deluge Valves and Water Monitors etc., MV & HV Water Spray System, Foam Water Spray System Cooling water Spray and Foam system for Floating Roof and Cone Roof Storage Tanks
  • Provision of Automation / Programmable Logic Controls.
  • Provision of Jackets in different materials on Process Pipeline.

A range of Storage Tanks and Allied Civil cum Structural Steel Works

  • Storage Tanks with Fixed & Floating Roofs.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Storage Tanks with Flat & Dished ends – semi ellipsoidal or tori-conical / tori=spherical.
  • Storage Tanks with inner Cooling Coils / external Limpet Coils.
  • Underground Storage Tanks.
  • Bullets & Horton Spheres with CCOE / PESO Approval since 1999.

Retrofitting Works carried out the Client’s premises

  • Rectification / Replacement of a portion of Bullet / Horton Sphere / OIL / AIR Pre-Heaters / various Processing Vessels, complete with Stress Relieving.
  • Re-tubing of REACTORS / Shell & Tube Heat Ex-changers.

Manufacture / Fabrication of a variety of Process Vessels @ our Workshop.

  • Rolled PIPES from varying thick Plates again in CS, various grades of Stainless Steel and others conforming to Ts 3589 and A 672
  • Processing Vessels of a variety in different materials – CS, several grades of Stainless Steel as well with Jackets, also with Agitators & Reduction Gear Boxes
  • Tubular Reactors
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, also with different materials for Shell & Inner Tubes
  • Coils / Coils in Condensers / Tube Bundles
  • Scrubber
  • Distillation Column
  • Steam Headers / Economizer Coils
  • Furnishing anew / replacing Steel Jackets on Glass-lined & other Vessels
  • Transformer Tanks for Electrical Installations

Fabrication & Fixing of an assortment of “online accessories” required for both Process & Utility

  • Coils from Pipes of higher schedules and in various pitches
  • Online FILTER with particular perforated screen filters
  • ORIFICE PLATE assembly
  • Range of Pressure Parts under the purview of IBR with relevant FORMS approved by the Director of Boilers – (Authorized manufacturer of Pressure Parts & Contractor Class I Boiler repairer since 1991)
  • Also, we fabricate these equipments & accessories conforming to codes preferred by the Client, and from “several grades of Stainless Steel and some from Alloy Steel”.

Steel Structural Works & Pre-Engineered Buildings

Industrial Civil Works

NOTE : Many accessories can be fabricated at site with necessary Standard / Mandatory and Statutory approvals cum documentation.