Process & Utitity Pipeline and High Pressure Steam Pipelines

The first work has sure been a gifted opportunity in several ways, entrusted to us with the “Fabrication & Laying of Pipelines in different materials for both Process & Utility Services by our distinguished Principals SBL STE, for a multinational and eminent Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company ICI I C I – Know more at one of their Indian Subsidiary Operations in the then outskirts of Madras City (a well celebrated HERITAGE CITY of almost 400 years old now named Chennai) in Tamilnadu State, southern region in INDIA. I C I has also been recognized as experts in many other diverse fields. Scientists who have practiced at their Research & Development have bagged NOBEL PRIZES. I C I have formed their own codes for Good Engineering and Good Manufacturing Practices, and own Quality Assurance Program, incidentally all guided through their extensive work experience with faithful recording of events all along from start.

In a way we were a kind of START UP CONTRACTING Company way back in 1974 to assist / serve on behalf of the eminent Mother Contracting Company, namely SBL STE

This first work has been entrusted to our Managing Director, Mr. V K Ramachandran, who has become well known by then among those involved in different types of WELDING, chiefly relying on his knowledge of Welding Skills, his works experience and his temperament to impart these Welding & Fabrication skills to others who are conscientiously interested. He has also had the aptitude and the ability to mobilize the required workforce of all categories and in required numbers in a short / reasonable time.

Incidentally, the above entrusted Industrial Pipe Works consisted of Fabrication of Pipelines in Carbon Steel, in Stainless Steel SS 304, SS 316 and SS 316 L for a range of Process & Utility Services, as well in Alloy Steel for providing High Pressure High Temperature Steam Pipelines including Jacketed Piping with different materials of Core & Jacket.

Indeed, a gifted opportunity to start with voluminous & different Pipeline Works for a variety of services.

We were also expected to execute the entrusted works within a particular period. With the grace of GOD we have accomplished each requirement of our Principals and esteemed Client to their entire satisfaction, as well acquiring the license for them under the purview of Indian Boiler Regulations I B R Directorate-of-Boilers to function & operate the Boiler and Steam Pipelines.

We were then asked by this esteemed Client ICI to undertake Post Commissioning Modification Works, as well day to day Mechanical Maintenance Works on a regular basis.

We believe this as a consequent result, an appreciation of both our work methods and site conduct.

Consequent only to gaining expertise in furnishing Pipelines congruent with the requirements of our several esteemed clients, we could with confidence put forward ourselves as a competent Construction Company for enlistments with Public Sector Enterprises in Oil & Gas Sector and Power Sector.

We have now established ourselves as a Mechanical Construction and Fabrication Works Contractor..

Pipelines conveying High Pressure Steam of High Temperature including installation of online accessories have become a definite part of our construction works while executing a total Mechanical Construction Work on behalf of our Principals.
who have already acquired the authorization from the Directorate of Boilers to execute High Pressure Steam Pipelines under the purview of Indian Boiler Regulations Directorate-of-Boilers I B R. Our executed Steam Pipelines have been tested to a Pressure of 180 Kg. / cm2 (Working Pressure 120 Kg. / cm2), and at a working Temperature above 400˚ C, with Main Headers and a large portion of the Steam Pipelines of Alloy Steel Gr. P 11 / 22 / 33 with the responsibility of 100% Radiography and Stress Relieving.

Once again our Clients preferred to utilize our services more due to prompt attention, comparatively low costs and definite reliability because of methodical works execution adapting Good Fabrication and Welding Practices. Many of our esteemed Clients have recommended us to the Chief Inspector of Boilers for being registered under I B R explaining the utility value. Meanwhile, we have come closer to the authorities due to our regular communications with them and presentation of both Preliminary and As-Built drawings as technically required, however entirely on behalf of our Principals and Clients.

We have been accorded the registration under I B R in 1991; now continually renewed annually. We have on the strength of this registration have undertaken and executed High Pressure Steam Pipelines in many other states of our Country.FichtnerFICHTNER Consulting Engineers, another renowned international Consulting Engineering Company qualified us for executing a large work of providing total Steam Piping Works for a 2.5 MW Cogeneration Power Plant that we have clinched competing among other well reputed service providers and of value of INR 1.53 Cores that was regarded as large during 1995 – 1996.

It has been another milestone in the history of our Company when another eminent multi Specialist Engineering Consultant namely AVANT GARDE Engineers & Consultants have accepted our application for registration as an accredited Vendor to undertake and execute construction works more of under the purview of I B R entirely basing on our works experience and the Clients’ recommendations.

We have well executed a number of works and look to AVANT-GARDE AVANT GARDE with hearty gratitude for providing us significant opportunities; like a large length of Steam Pipeline / HEADERS for fabrication and erection from Alloy Steel P 22 / Sch. 160 Pipes at GM SUGARS & ENERGY LIMITED; KARNATAKA; consequently achieving a large and noteworthy quantum of particular work experience furnishing more for SUGAR MILLS and POWER PLANTS with High Pressure Steam Pipelines Systems of the maximum Pressure and Temperature as mentioned above, and in good numbers. Each executed work has been in a different Location / State, within our Country INDIA; of value above INR 4 Cores.

Once again due to the word of mouth praises and recommendations we have been selected on merits by MRF MRF LIMITED and apollo APOLLO TYRES LIMITED to furnish them the entire Steam Piping Network along with the installation of Boilers and all its connected accessories, each valuing above INR 8.50 Crores. We as well furnished both of them with other Utility Pipelines too.